I've been found to carry group B streptococcus and have had quick labours in the past. When I go into labour, will I & baby get antibiotics in time?

Group B streptococcus can be found in vaginal swabs of 5-25% of women, and usually it causes no problem at all. It can-very rarely-cause severe infection in babies, and the risk time for this is in labour. So if you have been identified as having Group B Strep, you will be given antibiotics in labour-which will cross the placenta and protect baby. If you have such a quick labour that they can't give you antibiotics in time, it means also that baby has had relatively short exposure to the risk of infection, and baby will either be monitored closely for any sign of infection, or given antibiotics anyway, or both. So you shouldn't worry because the risk of a problem with baby is extremely low.
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