I am 28 weeks pregnant and today the amniotic fluid was above the 95th centile on the scan. The doctor said I was in serious danger of going into premature labour-what could be wrong?

The most likely explanation is that there is nothing wrong with baby-and there is just extra amniotic fluid. However sometimes excess amniotic fluid (polyhydramnios) can be linked to diabetes in pregnancy, which is why you would normally be offered a glucose test. Much more rarely there is a problem with baby's swallowing-or even more rarely causes such as anaemia in baby. You may be referred for scan with a fetal medicine specialist if there were any such suspicions. In the meantime, you would normally be given steroid injections to allow baby's lungs to become more mature (and less liable to be affected by respiratory distress syndrome)-just in case baby comes earlier, and regular follow up with your obstetrician.
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