My wife just had an abnormal smear showing abnormal cells that could lead to cancer. The doctors would like to remove 1-2cm of the cervix. Is this going to interfere with her chance of getting pregnant again?

The most important thing for your wife is that she is treated properly for the pre-cancerous cells. If these are not removed, they could eventually lead to cancer. These cells are normally removed by a LLETZ (long loop excision of the transformation zone) biopsy under a local anaesthetic, or a ''knife'' cone biopsy under a general anaesthetic. In both cases, the likelihood is that she will be able to get pregnant but it is advisable to wait a few months for the cervix to heal, and a repeat (pap) smear to be normal, before trying again. Rarely, the cervix may be scarred or weakened by a ''knife'' cone biopsy of the cervix-the doctors treating her will advise her on these risks.
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