I want to have a baby but have had pre-cancer of the cervix-is this dangerous?

The vast majority of women who have had this condition treated go on to have perfectly normal pregnancies. Pre-cancer of the cervix (otherwise known as CIN, cervical intra-epithelial neoplasia and graded I to III), is, as its name implies, not cancer but the very early stages of what might, if left, develop into cancer. So providing this is properly treated by a specialist (common treatments are a loop excision biopsy, laser or cone biopsy) and cervical smear (pap) tests have been normal afterwards, it is very unlikely that this will be a problem. However, you must mention it to your doctor at your booking visit. Occasionally, if a large ''cone'' biopsy of the cervix has been performed, it may lead to problems with the cervix being scarred, and not able to dilate in labour, or the opposite problem of cervical weakness and possibly miscarriage. The specialist who performed your treatment will be able to advise on these rare risks.
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