If I gain too much weight does this mean I''ll have a huge baby and have to have a Caesarean?

If you gain too much weight, it is more likely to sit on your hips!! A high calorific intake may be passed on to the baby, and you might be more likely to have a good sized baby. Generally, however, there is little relationship between what you eat and how big the baby gets. It is unlikely that you will end up having a delivery by Caesarean purely because you have gained too much weight. This depends on many other factors such as if you have had a previous vaginal delivery or Caesarean Section, whether the baby''s head is likely to be able to pass through your pelvis or any other medical or surgical condition. Your doctor and midwife will assess this when you are about 36-38 weeks and again when you go into labour. They will discuss the options with you and your partner on an individual basis, as there are rarely hard and fast rules.
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