Our midwife told us that my wife''s cervix was 2cm and 60% effaced. We saw our doctor yesterday and he said it was 1/2cm, and not effaced. When we asked about what the midwife told us, he informed us my wife was 2cm externally and 1/2cm internally. What exactly does this mean?

Sounds like a little confusion! The cervix is a conical shape and starts off long and closed (diag a), especially in a first pregnancy. As it opens, it shortens first, and then the internal part (internal os) begins to open (diag b). So it is possible for the external os to be open, while the internal os is still only just beginning to open. Effacement of the cervix depends on how thick or thin the cervix is, and how dilated. A dilated cervix will be completely effaced (diag d); a minimally dilated cervix may be uneffaced (ie thick and long) or partially effaced.
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