I''m 9 weeks and very depressed about my constant nausea. When will it go away & does it go away overnight?

Constant nausea, with or without actually being physically sick, can be very debilitating-and yes, it often goes on through the day rather than just in the morning. From an emotional point of view, it is a reminder that you are pregnant when you don''t show ''the bulge'' and may not want to let everyone into this particular secret. Your taste sensation may change and you may not feel that anything is particularly appetizing. What can you do? Well, eat ''little and often'' is the best advice; drinking tea without milk or herbal teas are often recommended. But remember: eat what you like eating, and can keep down, rather than what you think is ''healthy''. Also, avoid situations that make you feel worse: in the car, at work, etc. The nausea usually goes away between 12-14 weeks, and most people suddenly feel a lot better once into the second trimester. Luckily, it is only a minority that suffer throughout the pregnancy. One more point: ''morning sickness'' is worse if you''re expecting twins or have a urinary tract infection...so this may be worth checking out with your doctor or midwife.
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