I had laser treatment on my cervix six months ago to remove lesions caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and my next pap smear revealed that the same thing had recurred. My Gynae tells wants to do a cone biopsy now, but says that if I want children, we should do it now, as the cone biposy can have detrimental effects on a pregnancy. Is it safe to leave during a pregancy?

You have probably had laser treatment for the changes that occur in the cells of the cervix as a result of HPV infection. These might be termed dyskaryosis (if picked up on smear) or CIN (if a biopsy was done). It sounds as if these changes are still in the early stages; they may well not progress further but rarely can actually become cancerous after some years. If your gynaecologist is happy to 'watch and wait' while you try for a pregnancy, then this is probably OK; you may need a further check and possibly loop or cone biopsy afterwards. But if a loop or cone biopsy needs to be done, then your gynaecologist would almost certainly do this straight away. Having this procedure can sometimes weaken the cervix, increasing the risk of 'late ' miscarriage at 16-24 weeks. This depends to an extent on whether it was a loop or cone biopsy, and how much of the cervix was removed.
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