How can I deal with heartburn and indigestion?

There are several things you can do. Try to eat ''little and often''. Milk may relieve acute indigestion pain and heartburn. Watch your posture and allow your stomach to expand while eating; this can be difficult if you are slouching or attempting to eat while lying down. Avoid eating highly spiced food if you aren''t used to it. Do not lie completely flat; use cushions/pillows to prop you up so that your top half is slightly tilted. You could try propping the head of your bed up by placing some books under the feet of the bed to achieve the same thing while you are asleep. This will help to prevent the acid coming out of your stomach into the oesphagus causing heartburn. If none of the above work, your GP or a doctor at the antenatal clinic may prescribe you some antacid that will neutralize the acidity of your stomach.
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