I think I have ''morning sickess'' but I feel like I could be sick all the time, why is this? Is it serious?

It is puzzling how morning sickness got its name as it seems to occur any stage of a 24hr period and can last all day! It is common for women to feel nauseous; some are physically sick but this is not actually all that common. It is usually confined to early pregnancy (before 14 weeks) and is thought to be due to increase in one of the hormones necessary to maintain pregnancy (human chorionic gonadotrophin). If vomiting is severe and stops you from keeping fluids down, then you may need anti sickness (''anti-emetic'') tablets, suppositories or an injection. If you are still getting no better, or have another problem that could be making things worse such as a urinary infection, then yes it may be serious enough to warrant you staying in hospital for one or two days where you can be given rehydration and treatment. Morning sickness does not, as people often subconsciously think, mean that anything is actually wrong with the pregnancy itself. It is worse with twins and multiple pregnancies in general.
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