Why am I so tired all the time if I''m barely pregnant?

Feeling tired is evidence that the body''s energy levels are low. Even though you may not be aware of it, many changes are taking place within you to accomodate the pregnancy which take up huge amounts of fuel and energy. Your metabolic rate increases by 1/5th to allow everything to work harder and faster. This includes your heart, which pumps more blood around your body more quickly. Your respiratory (breathing) rate increases to allow more oxgyen to be taken into your blood stream to be passed on to the baby. The fibres of your womb thicken to protect the pregnancy and prepare for labour. Your blood increases in volume so it may carry all the nutrients both you and your baby will need. All these cause a major increase in your body''s work load and while you are adjusting it will physically manifest itself by your being more tired than normal. Plenty of rest and nutritious food will boost your energy reserves.
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