I need to pass urine all the time and when I go I can only pass a tiny amount. Why is this?

This happens in early pregnancy because the growing womb is so close to your bladder, effectively stretching it. This eases off in the middle of the pregnancy because the baby moves up into your tummy. In late pregnancy the problem returns due to the weight of the pregnancy again pressing on the bladder, this time from above. As long as you have no other symptoms, this is perfectly normal. However if you have a stinging feeling as you pass urine, low abdominal pain, are passing urine more frequently than normal or have noticed blood in your urine, it may be that you have a urinary tract infection (UTI). This is also much more common in pregnancy and you should see your GP, midwife or doctor in the antenatal clinic as soon as you can to send a specimen of urine to the microbiology laboratory; before the result is known you may be given antibiotics and pain killers anyway. Very important advice is also to drink plenty of clear fluids because this will help to rehydrate you and wash the infection out of your body.
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