After I've had the baby, when can I go home?

First time mums usually stay in hospital for 3-5 days. However, if you arrange an early transfer you can go home providing all is well with both you and baby in as little as 6 hours. You will need to discuss this at the time. When you have a baby it is a legal requirement (in the UK) that you have access to or are attended by a midwife for a minimum of 10 days. Once you go home from hospital, you will be given the numbers for midwives resposible for you. You can contact them for advice 24 hours a day. Your records will be passed to community based midwives who will come to see you at home for the first 10 days. So you will have professional support once you go home. In many other countries, community midwives do not exist and so in choosing to go home very early after birth you need to ensure you have family/friends to support you and that you are both fairly confident to cope with your baby at home.
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