Can you talk me through the actual birth?

Once you are actively pushing, causing your baby to move through the birth canal, you will feel the baby move through your pelvis, stretching your tissues. Eventually the baby''s head will stay put rather than move back inside you at the end of contractions. At this stage, you will be able to see and feel the head coming through your labia, this is called ''crowning''. The baby continues to move forward as you push and the body is born. If all is well the midwife will give the baby to you. If the baby needs to be checked by a doctor for any reason, the cord will be cut now, and your baby will be passed to a paediatrician standing beside you. Then the third stage occurs (either naturally or drug assisted) which is the delivery of the placenta. This is a soft structure and so requires little effort from you to deliver it. So really, once the baby comes out your hard work is completed.

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