Can you give examples of natural pain relief I can use?

You can use cold and heat. Sitting in a warm bath, using a fan, cold water spray, a hot water bottle, or alternate with hot/cold flannels on areas where you are having discomfort. Movement allowing you to be mobile will increase blood circulation, reduce backache, distract you from the pain and encourage the entire process. A frequent change of position is best. Sit for a while, have a walk, get down on all fours or use your partner''s body to support you. Try putting on some music and sway supported by someone if you are not up to dancing! Massage is wonderful at relieving pain symptoms especially in early labour. As at any time, it is much nicer if you can get someone to do it for you. You can use a tennis ball ororange to rub over your lower back or legs. There are also many hand held gadgets to rub over a painful area.

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