I have a regular menstrual cycle. How do I know when I am at the most fertile part of my cycle?

You should seek professional advice before you try these methods by yourself. However, there are three ways of telling when you are at your most fertile include: (a) basal temperature monitoring: Measure your oral temperature with a thermometer every morning after you wake up but before you drink anything and then record it in a chart. You will notice a temperature increase by 0.5 degrees just at ovulation. Once you have done this for several cycles, you should be able to predict the time of ovulation. (b)cervical mucus: at the mid point of your cycle, you may notice a watery non-odorous vaginal discharge that is mucus-like and the toilet paper slides when you wipe yourself. Also, if you take this mucus between your fingers, it will stretch to more than 5cms as a single band. (c) urinary ovulation kit: there are many sorts of kits on the market; they predict ovulation by detecting the urinary peak of LH (luteinising hormone). Each one is different so you must follow the instructions.
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