What are the normal changes I should be expecting in my breasts?

They will increase in size throughout the pregnancy. They may early on develop dark blue veins which are clearly visible. This is due to the increased blood flow to the breast tissue through which the nutrients for the milk will come. The dark skin surrounding the nipple (areola) will become larger and even more dark until after the pregnancy, the bumps around this area (Montgomery''s tubules) will also enlarge and may look like spots. You may also notice that your breasts leak a clear or milky fluid if stimulated (after a bath, or sex for example); this is normal and quite common. Do not squeeze your breasts because you will stimulate this milk production which you do not require it until the baby is born. You will also notice a marked increase in the sensitivity of your breasts. You may no longer be able to sleep on your front or enjoy sexual stimulation because of this; explain this to your partner. Wearing a well fitting supportive bra can give great relief as well as reduce the risk of them ''sagging'' later on in pregnancy.
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