I suffer from terrible restless amd twitchy legs from around in the evening which makes going to sleep impossible. Can you recommend anything to ease the twitches as it's driving me mad?

You poor thing! Try sitting with your legs raised in the evenings. Rest them against the wall as you sit in a chair or on the sofa. Ask your other half or a friend to massage them. Try doing this most evenings. Donít wear things that could affect your circulation like tight jeans leggings or knee length boots but support your legs with proper support tights. Try not to have the room you are in too hot and donít sit and soak in a hot bath for hours at night as this will cause the veins to dilate and affect the blood flowing in your legs and feet which maybe the reason you are itching. Have a lukewarm shower instead. If all else fails, see your doctor as a small dose of an anxiolytic drug may help.
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