I have a question about Vitamin K given to newborns. I understand the link between the Vitamin K injection and childhood cancer cannot be proven as such therefore the risks are thought to be minimal. However I am still a anxious about agreeing to the injection for my baby, also I believe that the risk of Vitamin K deficiency is greater in breastfed babies. I do not want to put my baby at any risk of being unwell because of this choice.

Vitamin K deficiency affects a very small proportion of babies and can cause haemorrhage-particularly in babyís brain. This could be disastrous for baby, which is why vitamin K is offered to all newborns. Only you can make the decision to give it or not but certainly vitamin K given orally is an option offered and one you can choose. If you ask us to get off the fence-we would say that the most effective form of vitamin K is when it is given by injection, and the earlier concerns regarding childhood cancer have been completely disproved.
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