What can I do to alleviate the backache?

There are lots of ways in which you can help the symptoms, although you will not eliminate all the problems because they come from the fact you are pregnant: -Try not to wear high shoes, which will throw your balance out even further. Stick to low heeled, or flat shoes which are comfortable. -If you have to carry heavy items (which you should try to avoid) divide the load in two, to increase balance. -When lifting, bend from your knees, not from your back. Try to keep your back straight. -Watch your posture and use pillows and cushions as much as possible for support when sitting or lying. Your mattress may be made more comfortable by making it firmer. -Massage is an excellent way to ease the symptoms, if you can persuade someone to give you one! -Heat can also be of benefit: for example using a hot water bottle (not too hot) on localised areas. -Exercise is also a good way of keeping your muscles used and joints supple. If the symptoms are very severe, it may be possible to see a physiotherapist via your GP for advice on ways to improve your posture and ease the symptoms. For backache that doesn''t get better, it is advisable to see your doctor just to make sure that there isn''t an important medical cause for your back pain such as a slipped disc, kidney infection or actual back injury.

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