I was told that my fallopian tubes are blocked-what does this mean?

Your fallopian tubes are structures through which the egg, when it is released from the ovary, travels to the womb. You have two tubes, one on each side of the uterus. The tubes are very delicate and are easily damaged by pelvic infections (salpingitis), abdominal infections (burst appendix) and surgery for ectopic pregnancy. If there is a possibility of tubal damage, this can be assessed by laparoscopy (a short operation to look into the abdomen with a telescope) or hystero-salpingogram (HSG-a special type of X-ray). If one or both tubes are blocked, then this can reduce your chances of getting pregnant.

The moment of conception
Normally, only one sperm can break through the outer membrane of the egg; once the sperm enters the egg, the sperm loses its tail.

After six days, the cluster of cells develops a hollow cavity. Called a blastocyst, it attaches itself to the wall of the womb. Some cells grow into the womb''''s lining and the fetal life-support system (the placenta) begins to form.

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