My partner keeps panicking about my pregnancy and I''m worrying more about him and his reactions than the baby...what can I do about this?

This is very common and one drawback of the so-called ''New Man''! Often men think that if you are pregnant, you must lie in bed all day and be spoon-fed your meals. The smallest pain, or spot of bleeding causes anxiety out of all proportion to the actual problem (if there is one). The reason for this is that your partner, especially if this is his first baby, may be much more terrified than you about any possible complications and far less well informed because much of the education is aimed at you. One way to redress this is to take him to antenatal clinic appointments and antenatal classes, encourage him to ask questions and read books about pregnancy. Above all, reassure him that most of the time pregnancy is a normal, healthy process and not a ''disease''. Get him to read these questions, too...they are for both of you!
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