I seem to argue with my partner a lot at the moment ... I don''t intend to, but it just happens; it''s starting to affect our relationship. Is this common?

Yes, added to the normal life events you would argue or discuss, you both have a new and mammoth life event occurring. As with other issues you will not always agree or share the same opinions on everything to do with pregnancy. It may well be that you are changing, things which once were a priority to you, may no longer be. While you may not see this clearly, your partner may and perhaps does not know how to deal with it. Try and discuss these issues, talk them through and accept each other''s viewpoint. Attending antenatal appointments together may help and going to parent education sessions may be of mutual benefit. Often these classes contain sessions specific to partners'' needs and concerns, which will allow your partner to air views, voice concerns,and have queries answered, making him feel more included in the progress of the pregnancy.
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