Can I have a photo of the baby at my scan appointment?

Photographs are offered by many hospitals. Often these are ''thermal'' images (like old fashioned fax paper) that will fade with time unless you photographically copy or scan them. If you want a photograph, don''t be shy about telling the sonographer which view you want, and bear in mind that the quality of the view obtained depends on how the baby is lying, the quality of the ultrasound machine, how thin you are and the skill of the scanner. The best photographs of the baby are obtained at 16-20 weeks; later, the baby is too big to photograph ''whole''. Many hospitals make a small charge for photographs to cover the cost of film used.
What happens when I have ultrasound?

If you have ultrasound in the early weeks of pregnancy, you may be asked to drink plenty of fluid; an enlarged bladder makes it easier to scan for a tiny fetus. You will lie on a bed beside the machine and lift up your clothes - wear something loose. The procedure takes about 20 minutes.

The machine The screen shows an image of the fetus from which the necessary measurements are taken
The screen image The image is not always clear. The technician will point out the head, heart and limbs. This scan shows an 18-week fetus.
The scan operator Ultrsound may be done by a radiographer, an ultrasonographer, or a doctor or midwife

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