At my scan at the hospital, the doctor said my placenta was ''low''. Is this going to cause a problem in my pregnancy?

The placenta can be attached anywhere to the wall of the uterus. If it is attached at the bottom of the uterus overlying the cervix then it could theoretically get in the way of the baby during labour. However, if the placenta is ''low lying'' or ''covering the cervix'' at 20 weeks, it will usually move upwards and out of the way with the weeks as the uterus grows. You will be asked to return for a scan at 30-34 weeks just to check that the placenta has moved; only very rarely is it still obstructing the cervix. If it is, this is known as placenta praevia and may cause problems with bleeding before or at delivery in which case you might be offered a Caesarean delivery.
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