What the midiwfe and obstetrician say: When is the right time to decide for a home birth?

Midwife: Home births are a wonderful experience, for the midwife as well as the parents! and if you can have one, it will be one of the most rewarding experiences you are likely ever to have. Talk with your midwife; if the backup is there from professionals and your pregnancy and previous labour progress such that one is an option, certainly give it consideration. It is your right to have a home birth even if the professionals don''t agree. By law a midwife must attend, but if they have conveyed that they think it unwise you would be foolhardy to risk it. Where all is well, go for it. Obstetrician: If a woman makes a fully informed choice about where she wants to deliver, is attended by a midwife who is experienced in home deliveries and competent and her pregnancy has been ''low risk'' then there is rarely a problem that cannot be solved by bringing her into hospital. The right time to make this decision for sure is not right at the beginning of pregnancy, but towards the end if everything has gone well. Women with medical illnesses, or who have had any obstetric complication in a previous pregnancy (for example, Caesarean, haemorrhage, preterm delivery) are usually not suitable for a home delivery.
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