I want private pregnancy care; what is available?

If you are covered by a company or other health scheme, look carefully first to check if it covers private pregnancy care; most policies don''t as this type of care is often very expensive. There are two private options, private obstetric care and independent midwifery care. It is entirely up to you. If you see an obstetrician privately he will do all your antenatal care and deliver your baby in his preferred private hospital. The benefit of this is that if you anticipate problems in your pregnancy or require the reassurance of seeing a doctor regularly, you will have medical care on a one to one basis. If you chose to have an independent midwife this doesn''t mean you will not see doctors; your midwife will liaise with the appropriate medical staff (usually NHS doctors rather than private). The benefits of this care is that the midwife usually comes to your home at a time which is convenient to you, and will care for you before, during and after the delivery.
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