My body feels like its got a mind of its own. I have all sorts of little things bothering me. Is this normal or am I unwell?

Your body changes in many ways during pregnancy; your heart becomes more efficient, kidneys filter more blood, lungs work harder etc. In pregnancy, you may feel your body controls you, rather than the other way around! There are ''minor disorders'' which occur throughout pregnancy that are considered normal ''side effects'' of being pregnant. These would be termed ''illness''at any other time. As examples, you may suffer from recurrent thrush, have to wee much more often and live with perminently swollen ankles to mention but a few. The important thing is to sit back, take a long hard look at what is bothering you and try to make a distinction between concerns that are very likely to be due to the pregnancy (which in many cases you can do something about). In a separate category, there may be symptoms and physical signs that are not so easily explained away that may indicate a problem that needs treatment.You are not expected to work out which is what, that''s the job of the midwives/doctors caring for you. All you need to do is ask. There is no such thing as a silly question, if it bothers you, ask your doctor or midwife. Out of hours remember that the labour ward of any hospital is open and staffed 24hrs a day and you will be able to speak to a midwife or doctor.
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