My partner has a low sperm count. What does this mean for my chances of getting pregnant?

Technically, a low sperm count is less than 20 million sperm per millilitre and it can make getting pregnant much more difficult. However, a low sperm count will not affect a pregnancy once it has occurred and has no bearing on anything that might happen in pregnancy. Men may have a low sperm count for many reasons, the commonest are easily remedied, for example wearing tight underwear or trousers (jeans) can cause overheating, so switch to loose boxer shorts and features of an excessive lifestyle including smoking and excess alcohol can be avoided. Other causes include diabetes, undescended testes, cancer treatments and medicines such as steroids and certain arthritis drugs. Many of these causes can certainly be addressed if not always cured completely. Even if there are no sperm present, newer assisted conception techniques (TESA, PESA) can lead to a successful pregnancy.
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