I think I wet myself sometimes, but worry that it could be my waters breaking, what should I do?

It is very common in the last trimester for women to pee a small amount when they laugh, sneeze or cough. It is known as stress incontinence, and it is caused by your expanding womb putting pressure on the bladder. Doing your pelvic floor exercises will help prevent this from occurring. If you are worried that it could be your waters, the best thing to do is put a sanitary towel on, watch for any fluid on the towel over the next hour or so, and if there is anything, go the labour ward where they examine you and confirm what it is. Generally, when you leak urine, it is as a result of for example coughing. When your waters break, it may come out in little dribbles, or a ''gush'' but it will leak/gush without any stimulus, unlike urine.
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