I seem to be forever tripping and I am worried that one of these days I''ll fall tummy first and really hurt the baby. Is it likely?

Firstly, it is likely that you may fall in late pregnancy. Your centre of gravity has changed, and so has your balance. Your dimensions are altered, you may have difficulty seeing your feet over the bump and all of these can leave you more prone to falling. All you can do is be aware of this and take care. Secondly, the likelihood of your damaging the baby is remote as the baby is enveloped in a tough muscle structure (your womb), surrounded by a bag of fluid (amniotic fluid) which act as a cushion between your baby and the outside world which work very well, in protecting your baby from just such a thing happening. If you do fall on your tummy, though, you should go to see your GP, midwife or local delivery unit.
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