I'm planning to have a baby and have just come off the pill. I am a beauty therapist in a busy salon, and perform treatments such as full body massages whilst burning aromatherapy oils, and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal. Will performing treatments such as these be harmful to my unborn child, as I get hot whilst doing massage and inhale lots of oil smells?

You are doing the right thing by considering how work could affect your pregnancy. Here's some reassurance: aromatherapy oils don't get past your upper respiratory tract and therefore don't enter your bloodstream, so they aren't a problem. Laser type treatments cannot affect baby-which is well protected by several layers of tissue of your abdomen-not to mention the womb itself! The issue may be that when you are pregnant, you getting hot, massaging and inhaling scented oils may not make you feel well at all and you may want to think about this in advance.
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