I have just found out that my unborn baby has an AVSD. What are the percentages of her having Down's?

AVSD is atrio-ventricular septal defect. It is a hole in the centre of baby's heart, but can usually be repaired successfully with surgery after baby is born. AVSD can occur in otherwise normal babies but is much more common in babies with Down's Syndrome. The exact risk of Down's depends on your age (see chart ) and whether you have had any other Down's screening tests. A specialist in fetal medicine should be able to answer your questions and discuss further investigations with you.
How likely is it that my baby will have Down''s syndrome?

The risk of having a baby with Down''s syndrome is related to your age, although parents of any age can have a Down''s child. It is not related to how many children you have had, whether you have a new partner, or to drugs that you might have taken at or around the time of conception.

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