I've been late with my period twice now (2 months apart) and was experiencing "pregnancy" symptoms, but then got my period. My husband had a vasectomy one year ago - is my body rejecting the egg because it isn't perfect?

Vasectomy is a very good method of preventing babies though not 100% secure. If you were to conceive-ie a sperm fertilise an egg, the resulting embryo would be no less perfect because your husband had a vasectomy. It is much more likely that you are not getting pregnant-but are having late periods instead.

The moment of conception
Normally, only one sperm can break through the outer membrane of the egg; once the sperm enters the egg, the sperm loses its tail.

After six days, the cluster of cells develops a hollow cavity. Called a blastocyst, it attaches itself to the wall of the womb. Some cells grow into the womb''''s lining and the fetal life-support system (the placenta) begins to form.

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