Every week my legs are getting more swollen and uncomfortable; is this normal?

The weight of your womb on the vein (inferior vena cava) returning blood to your heart causes some ''back-pressure'' and often means that your legs swell with fluid that leaks from your blood vessels. This is usually noticeable by 24 weeks, and can become very uncomfortable towards the end of pregnancy, especially if you are expecting twins or triplets. It is worst at the end of a day if you have been standing or walking and hot weather can make it unbearable. Wear comfortable footwear, put your legs up whenever you sit down, and don''t run around too much! Rarely, leg swelling is a sign of pre-eclampsia and if you have headaches, or your blood pressure is raised, then you should see a GP or midwife just to make sure that you are not developing this condition.
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