We're trying for our second child, our first daughter was born 8 weeks premature 7 years ago. What are the chances of having another premature birth? At the time of her birth I was given no reasons as to why she came so early so I am unaware of any medical conditon that caused a premature birth.

Most premature births remain unexplained, though there are well known risk factors such as having twins, early rupture of membranes, infection of the membranes and placenta (chorio-amnionitis), pre-eclampsia, extra aminotic fluid around baby(polyhydramnios). If there was no cause found for your preterm delivery, then it is most likely that your next baby won't be born prematurely, though your risk of a premature baby is slightly higher than if you hadn't had your daughter prematurely. This risk is around 10%, and you would probably be offered extra surveillance in a future pregnancy.
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