I'm 19 and 10 weeks pregnant. My morning sickness has gone completely but I'm feeling extremely dizzy and tired, unable to keep my balance. It feels like a bad hangover which lasts all throughout the day. My blood pressure and heart rate etc are all normal. Is this common during pregnancy and what the cause could be?

There are several possibilities. You could still be dehydrated and undernourished or even anaemic following bad morning sickness. A blood test will establish whether this is the case. But problems with balance are unusual; if you are also getting headaches during the day and this isn't getting any better then we recommend you ask your doctor to be referred to a neurologist. There are several conditions-either linked to pregnancy or not-that could cause your symptoms. Often doctors and midwives will (usually correctly) rightly ascribe symptoms of this type to pregnancy, it would still be reassuring to be checked out properly.
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