I have read a lot about incompetent cervix and that you wouldn't know anything was wrong until it was too late. Should I be worried-I am 19 weeks pregnant?

Incompetent (weak) cervix can lead to painless opening of the cervix and miscarriage between 16-23 weeks. It is quite rare, so if this is your first baby and you are 19 weeks already and have had no symptoms such as low back pain or increased vaginal discharge it is very unlikely to happen. The risk is greater if you have had surgery such as a cone biopsy of your cervix, or have had a 'late' miscarriage in a previous pregnancy. A scan for cervical length can give useful information at 18-22 weeks as a very short cervix means a higher risk of very early delivery or miscarriage, and sometimes a stitch placed around the cervix may be of benefit in this situation.
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