I am currently 32 weeks with my second baby and he's moved into a transverse position. My midwife isn't optimistic about the chances of him moving head down as he is quite a big baby, and seems to be quite "wedged in" at the minute as I have a hard lump at each side of my bump! I'm trying lots of different things to move him such as pelvic tilts, using gym ball and having reflexology. What are the chances of him still moving at this stage? Any other advice/tips on how to move him myself? What are the chances of an ECV being successful with a transverse baby (I am not at all keen on the idea of one!)?

There is a very good chance that baby will turn to cephalic (head down) by 36-37 weeks, so please donít be anxious at this stage. If baby is still transverse at 36-37 weeks, many obstetricians would offer external cephalic version (ECV), a safe and simple procedure that works well with transverse babies.
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