I found I had little appetite and was sick in the evenings after I had eaten dinner for most of the first 12 weeks. The result is I have lost a stone in weight and about two inches round my waist at the belly button. Should I be concerned, or is it just a case of trying to eat a bit more now? I'm finding fruit and vegetables particularly appetising, but still don't have a huge appetite.

Itís very common to lose a little weight in the first trimester of pregnancy, and it is very unlikely to affect baby. As the pregnancy develops beyond the first 12-13 weeks it takes up some of your stomachís room and so you cannot eat as big a meal as before so try to eat little and often. It sounds like you have an excellent approach already to diet. Your body is already telling you what to eat (fruit and vegetables) so trust your judgement. Eat plenty of fresh food, and avoid highly processed or fatty foods, which will make you feel bloated.
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