I am 32 weeks and scan showed low Amniotic fuid. My blood pressure is normal and blood flow to baby is also good. Also I have not observed any fluid leak. How can this be possible?

In some pregnancies, the amniotic fluid level is just low-for no obvious reason-and baby's health or wellbing is not affected in any way. Reduced amniotic fluid can be linked with a poorly functioning placenta, as less fluid is produced from baby's kidneys. But if your blood pressure and Doppler blood flow tests of the baby's circulation are normal, and baby isn't growth restricted, this is unlikely. You could be leaking amniotic fluid if you have had a 'silent' membrane rupture, but you'd normally notice this. We assume that your doctors have also looked to check baby's kidneys and bladder are working normally. If all these tests are normal, the likelihood is that nothing is wrong and baby will be healthy.
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