The First Six Weeks

Now your pregnancy seems ages ago, you have your baby to hold and look after. Here the hard work starts! Your lives wonít be the same again, and though this is an exciting time it can also be daunting and depressing as you struggle to be the perfect mum-or you may of course find that it all comes naturally. But you need to look after you and your relationship as well as your baby. You need practical advice, whatever problems or queries you have-you can be sure that millions of mums have had before you!
  • The first few days
    Getting home, feeding, changing nappies and your emotions.
  • Getting physically back to normal
    Bowels and bladder recovery, moving, lifting-whatís normal and what isnít?
  • At home with your baby
    Coping at home-you may be on your won with baby, or have the extended family staying..
  • Baby care
    Bathing baby, settling baby and changing nappies now take up a lot of your time.
  • Breastfeeding your baby
    Breastfeeding does have benefits for baby, and with some simple tips you usually get going without a problem.
  • Beginning bottle-feeding
    Not all mums want to breast feed, or find it easy, or sometimes for medical reasons you canít Ėso itís important to know how to bottle feed well.
  • Family concerns
    You may be worried about your parenting skills or how to have a normal relationship with your partner-but everything usually slots into place on its own.
  • Concerns about young babies
    Babies often get spots, have a flaky scalp and even loose stools; they donít always look like the ones in the adverts! Donít worryÖ
  • The babies needing neonatal care
    If your babyís in the neonatal unit-and some are for a few hours, other for months-there are many things you can do for him, and many things you need to know.
  • Life after birth
    Having recovered from the shock of having another human being entirely dependent on you, itís time to get some balance and develop your relationship with your partner-and your family and friends.
  • Your postpartum check
    You need to see your doctor to check youíre physically and emotionally OK, everything is back to normal and discuss contraception-or even when to start trying for another!
  • Your baby's six-week checkup
    Baby gets weighed, measured and basic developmental features assessed. Immunizations are soon to start.
  • Enjoying life with your baby
    Getting out and about with baby, travelling and restarting your social life-even bringing baby along, or choosing reliable baby sitters while you escape for some of your own protected time.
  • Partner's concerns
    All your attention is focussed on baby, but your partner will be concerned about both of you, and will have their own worries and questions that need answering.
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