Issues in Pregnancy

Pregnancy very rarely progresses completely uneventfully. Your body is adapting so much that even perfectly normal changes can have an effect on you: for example, you heart is having to pump more powerfully and this may cause you to feel palpitations; your bowels slow down making you feel constipated. These are physiological changes-and nothing to worry about from a medical point of view. But of course there are rarer and sometimes serious conditions to be aware of; we want you to understand the normal changes and be alert to what may not seem quite right.
  • Common conditions
    Nosebleeds, morning sickness, constipation, feeling faint and even headaches are all frequent complaints but can be very uncomfortable and unpleasant for you; many can be managed relatively simply at home.
  • Looking after “high-risk” pregnancy
    What makes a pregnancy “high risk”-your age, weight, or a pre-existing medical condition? What happens if you develop high blood pressure, or diabetes? Find out more…
  • Issues with twins and triplets
    Looking after a multiple pregnancy is always more of a challenge than if it’s just the one; delivery is likely to be earlier and you will feel more of the symptoms of pregnancy, and be more prone to some of the complications.
  • If something goes wrong
    Should something go wrong with you-or baby-you must have the highest quality information and advice to enable you to make decisions that are informed, and that you won’t regret
  • If you lose your pregnancy
    Nothing can prepare you for the anguish of losing a pregnancy; it is an area that many books and websites-and even professional fear to tread.
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