Your Changing Body

Powerful changes are occurring in your body to allow you to adapt to pregnancy. Your body needs to support the developing placenta-which in turn supplies baby-with nutrients and oxygen. At the same time, organs such as your kidneys and liver are having to work harder by removing waste products from both you and the baby. As your body changes, you can feel a range of emotions and symptoms, or you may be lucky and feel on top of the world throughout pregnancy. We guide you through the common conditions that often develop, how you might recognize and deal with them, and explain why whatís happening is happening.
  • The physical changes in you
    As baby grows, your body adapts rapidly with your spine, ligaments, legs and heart adjusting to the increased weight of a pregnancy and demands of the baby.
  • The first trimester
    Although your pregnancy may not be showing yet, your metabolism has increased by 10% and heart output increases by up to 40%.
  • The second trimester
    Your growing womb has now become more visible, and the tiredness and nausea of the first trimester will hopefully have now passed leaving you feeing more energetic.
  • The third trimester
    The babyís growth is leaving you feeling tired, making moving and sleeping uncomfortable and you may find breathing and eating uncomfortable because of the pressure of the womb on your lungs and abdomen.
  • Relationship changes
    Now is the time to discuss arrangements for your new baby with your family, friends and children, as there are going to be major changes in existing relationships!
  • Multiple pregnancy: twins and triplets
    The symptoms of pregnancy are exaggerated with twins and triplets; you will feel more tired, itíll be more difficult to get around and getting ready for the birth will be more of a challenge-but this doesnít mean that you shouldnít enjoy getting ready!
  • Sex during pregnancy
    Your and your partnerís perception of sex and your needs will change, but there is usually no reason why you canít have a fulfilling sex life throughout your pregnancy.
  • Emotions and feelings
    This is one of the defining times in your life; a time when highs and lows are more pronounced than you thought possible-and a time when you need to think about how you can best interact with-and have support from-those around you.
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