Your Prenatal Care

Youíll want to know as much as you can about your pregnancy, who will be looking after you, where you go for your visits, how often youíll need to attend, who can answer questions for you and a multitude of other things. The truth is-it can be very confusing with many different professionals involved in giving care. Itís as well to be clear about as many of these things as you can be at the start of your pregnancy.
  • Choosing prenatal care
    Where do you need to be looked after-in a clinic or at the hospital, by a doctor or midwife?
  • Prenatal visits
    What happens at these visits and why; what you can expect.
  • Special tests
    No woman can get through a pregnancy nowadays without multiple blood tests and scans, some for diagnosis-others for screening.
  • Thinking about parenthood
    Prenatal care is more than just about the physical and medical aspects of pregnancy, itís about helping you adjust to how things will be when the little one is born.
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